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Thursday, November 19, 2020

A pretty good summation of why America is giving two big middle fingers to the government this Thanksgiving

 Hypocrisy is everywhere.

COVID is selective, we’ve discovered. It won’t affect Governor Gavin Newsom, lobbyists, and politicos at The French Laundry. It won’t touch his Aunt Nancy Pelosi or Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the hairdressers. It can’t affect the “essential” Governor Andrew Cuomo, or his equally COVID-resistant NYC Bill de Blasio on a non-essential walk or at the gym. Politicians can go to a Maui junket where they’ll be COVID-free. They’re smarter than you. They know how to mask up, wash hands, and stay home if they’re sick. That’s too science-y for you. Ask the “news” anchorman.

The article is about how a politician from Clackamas County in Oregon has decided that the commie governor can go pound sand with her Kung Flu Tyranny.  

On November 14th, Smith posted on her Facebook page that she vehemently disagreed with Governor Kate Brown’s latest COVID-19 lockdown in Oregon. The order instructed people to celebrate Thanksgiving with only six people or else face jail and/or fines. Smith thought that was dumb and claimed she wouldn’t obey.

Here was her Patrick Henry moment.

Commie Kate has no problem with riots, looting, vandalism, open drug use, or any other crime so long as it benefits the Democrat party, but Thanksgiving dinner with family!  That's a criminal offence, peasant!

Two.  Big.  Middle.  Fingers.  Fuck the Democrat dictators, and fuck the people pushing the panic porn over a chest cold.

Suicides are going through he roof as people lose it all, kids aren’t able to report to their school counselor how their uncle is touching their pee pees or how their mom puts her cigarette out on their sister when she’s drunk…. Yeah, child abuse and youth deaths are tragically becoming a part of this ‘new normal’ these progressives keep telling me I’m supposed to accept and I’ll have to get used to. Yeah, the ‘new normal’. The new normal that forced an immigrant woman to shut the doors on her newly opened business after she risked it all to flee her third world country to escape real oppression, and start her new life in the United States because we have a Constitution that guarantees her the protection from a tyrannical government, the promise of equality and the right to be free…do you think any of this weighs on the minds of these people giving the middle finger to radical power hungry liberal Democrats like Tim Walz in Minnesota or Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan? 

When Americans realize that these mandates really have nothing to do with safety and health, but everything to do with compliance and control, is it really supposed to shock or disturb us when they tell the government to get bent? 

The Kung Flu is not the disease.  Communism is the disease, and the Chinese Cooties is just how it spreads.

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