Day by Day

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Went on a Veterans Ride today


That bike that's pretty much dead center with the rider looking to the right?  That's me and the Mrs.  The dude in front of us riding the double yellow line couldn't stay in formation to save his life.  Must be a squid or a zoomie.  A Jarhead or a grunt would know proper spacing.

It was a good ride, up and over Guardsman pass.  There were some corners that had me reading my own licence plate.  


Anonymous said...

Big charity ride in eastern Kommiecticut this coming Saturday for suicide prevention. Called the "Ride For Gage" it is held in honor of 15 year old Gage Rondeau. I went last year, and am planning on going again this year. The wife said she'd go (woo-hoo!). Last year the line of bikes was almost 2 miles long and with the police escort we rode 45 miles without stopping. Big BBQ bash afterwards.

Ragin' Dave said...

I'm not certain how long our line was. I do recall looking up at the road from two hairpin curves below and still seeing motorcycles. From what I saw on facebook we had at least half a mile of bikes, possibly more.

p2 said...

Good to see that tail light's still workin...😄😄😄😄. Looks like a good time.