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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

On that Atlantic hit piece

 Whereupon anonymous sources claim that Trump said bad things about the honored dead in a cemetery in France....

John Bolton said it didn't happen.  John Bolton would tear Trump down in a red hot minute if he could.  But John Bolton isn't going to just make shit up in order to do so.

The Democrat Media Complex is throwing everything they have at Trump, lie after lie after lie, hoping that something will stick.  It's all bullshit.  There's no reality behind their accusations, just as there hasn't been any reality behind all the other lies and hysterical accusations they've thrown over the past four years.

Trump supporters know that.  Which is why each more-hysterical accusation falls flat.  Which is why they're going to commit vote fraud on an epic scale, because Gropey Joe can't read a teleprompter speech without drooling on himself.

Bad times coming, my friends.

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