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Friday, September 11, 2020

The only way for Biden to win is massive voter fraud

 His campaign is one big shit show.

TJ Ducklo, Joe Biden’s national campaign spokesperson ventured onto Fox News for an interview with Bret Baier, and it was not good. It seems there’s a reason why this operation has had a bunker mentality. Everyone sucks. 

Biden will win the blue cities, but the corpse of a syphilitic camel could win the blue cities if it had a big (D) after it's name.  Hence Kamala Harris and San Fransicko.  But watching the Biden campaign come apart at the seams should give you pause.  Think about how hard the Democrats are pushing for ballot harvesting, i.e. mail-in voting.  They're going to cheat.  That's the only way they can win, and they think they're going to win.  What kind of fraud are they going to cook up this time, or are they just going to go with ballot harvesting again like they did in 2018 in California?  Granted, they made it legal in Cali first, and the rest of the country hasn't gone that route.

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