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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

So, no college football this year?

 I mean, unless you're in SEC territory, it seems like every other conference has decided that it's better to curl up in the fetal position, shit yourself, and cry for mommy.

I say, good.  Close it all down.

College football is the economic engine that runs all the other sports.  No football means no money, and the other sports don't bring in anywhere close to what the football program brings in.

No money, no sports.  Without football, all the sports suffer hits to their budgets.  

When every other sport starts taking hits, it lessens the opportunity for high school graduates to get suckered in to an institution of higher mis-education.  Sure, go ahead and pay six figures for that degree in History or Gender Studies!  You get to play College Softball for the time you're here!  Yeah!  Won't this be fun?  Except you can't have a women's softball program without the money that the football program brings in.

Given that the universities and colleges in this country are the breeding ground for the Marxist, anti-American crap we're seeing on the streets right now, anything that hurts academia can't be all bad.

Let them bleed.

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Deserttrek said...

college football is the nfl minor leagues. shut it down and basketball too