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Monday, September 14, 2020

The destruction of the university system continues

 Why in hell would anyone spend six figures to attend a supposed institute of higher learning when the only thing you're learning is emotional flatulence and stupidity?

Apparently a considerable number of future businesspeople, who are going to a leading MBA program, are in a position where they seem to be bitterly offended (in their words, had their "mental health" "affected") by a word that many of them will likely have to hear on many occasions in their business life, if they ever visit a Chinese-speaking country, work around Chinese speakers who might speak casual Chinese to each other, or deal with Chinese clients, customers, or contractors who might do the same.

The people being indoctrinated by the university system in America are going to be highly credentialed, completely uneducated, indoctrinated myrmidons.  Burn the entire system to the ground.  Kill it with fire.

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