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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Fox News panel forbids any mention of George Soros

 Are you fucking kidding me right now?  

I believe it was Melissa Francis who first declares mention of George Soros illegal, to be seconded by a beaming Marie Harf, the former Obama thot who can't believe she now runs an allegedly "conservative" news network.

George Soros has spend millions upon millions of dollars getting anti-American assholes elected in America.  The DA in St. Louis who charged the McCluskeys?  Soros money.  DA Kim Foxx in Chicago?  Soros money.  That douchebag in San Fransicko who worked for Hugo Chavez, and who's now the DA of Sodom on the Bay?  Soros money.

But Fox News says you can't talk about that.

It's unreal just how fast and how far formerly respected organizations have fallen in the past four years.  

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Deserttrek said...

I was a bit surprised also. marie hoff is far left, but the other fox girls were obviously scared of something. Maybe donna brazile is running the whole show there?
Only thing worth my time there is Tucker and i record that
fox biz has Maria B and Lou Dobbs
Plenty of other things to do than watch fox or anybody else