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Sunday, September 13, 2020

And this is why the Church is shrinking

 The bishops silence priests and laypeople who criticize Biden, while encouraging people who support him.  The bishops have gone political, without a care in the world about the parishes under their jurisdiction.

So why do the bishops silence priests who criticize Biden and protect his defenders? The answer lies in their lack of faith. Deep down they agree with Biden. Like him, they also want to liberalize Church teaching. They don’t mind the coming attacks on the Church. After all, most of them find the Church’s teachings antiquated too. In the end, a secularized Church (which is what Biden’s persecution will aim to create) doesn’t really bother them. What bothers them are outspoken traditionalists who remind them of their shirked responsibilities. Only then do they throw their ecclesiastical weight around. Only then do they start murmuring about canon law. But for Joe Biden, who couldn’t be more blatantly in violation of it, they say nothing and deliberately give him sacrilegious communion.

Shameless cowardice is now the act of the day for most US Catholic bishops.  

Good Catholics must understand that the Church isn't just going to shrink, it will nigh well disappear in the coming years, with pockets of faith scattered through the country keeping the faith alive while narcissistic sodomites and pedophiles wearing cardinal red caps desperately try to hold on to their influence, as well as the money that influence brings in.  We have an anti-pope who's boyfriend runs a child prostitution ring using orphans and runaways, and bishops who refuse to defend their faith.  This cannot end well.

Find a Traditional Latin Mass.  Find those outspoken traditionalists, because they are the people keeping faith with Christ.  Do not follow the bishops into hell, because that is assuredly where most of them are going.

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