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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes

 Minneapolis City Council, who voted to defund the police, now wondering where the police are.

Just months after the Minneapolis City Council called for “dismantling” the police department in the wake of George Floyd’s death, they are now panicking that there’s not enough policing to deal with the spike in violent crime. 

During a recent meeting that was supposed to be a study session on police reform, Democratic council members instead relayed the frustrations they’re hearing from constituents.

George Floyd was a criminal who died from a drug overdose.  But that didn't stop the criminal element and their Democrat Party enablers from burning the city down.

I hope the entire city of Minneapolis burns.  I want every Democrat in that city to feel the painful results of their stupidity.  I have no pity left for them.  They deserve every bit of "bad luck" that they get.

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