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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today is National Ammo Day

And, if I recall correctly, it's also Kim's birthday.  And he wants you to buy ammo for yourself, for his birthday.  Swell guy, ain't he?

So.  Go buy ammo.  I might buy some other shooting oriented gear, because I already have a crate and a box full of ammo that I have to move myself, and I don't need to add any weight to that already-full load.

Maybe a nice set of targets.  Or the kind that you stick a clay pigeon in, and when you shoot it from far away it goes 'POOF".  I don't have any of those targets.  Yet.

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p2 said...

those target stands areceasy to make outta heavy guage wire like fence wire.. just make a flat circle at one end that holds the clay upright, stick the other end in the ground an bob's yer uncle. a roll of the stuff is cheap, its light, easy to cut to different lengths for variety an takes up little space in the range bag. most bases have a skeet range... they dont all break, especially if im the guy shootin at em,. id wager a guy could go pick the unbroken clays off the range and have a couple cases worth in about half an hour... you could use the cash ya save to get a decent single malt......