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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

At this point, I would be OK with just abolishing the VA.

Just fire everybody at the same time and shutter the entire agency.

On Tuesday, the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit ruled that the firing of former Phoenix Veterans Affairs (VA) Director Sharon Helman, a convicted felon, was unconstitutional. While this does not mean Helman will return to work, the ruling may strike a powerful blow against VA accountability reform.

So this felon, this convicted felon, who presided over Veterans dying while on a waiting list and covering it up, falsifying documents, just basically making shit up to cover her criminal ass, didn't even get fired for the dead Veterans who piled up under her watch.  Nope.  She got fired for accepting gifts she shouldn't have taken, and even that has been overturned.

In other words, Helman got off scot free from the scandal, but was fired because she accepted $50,000 in gifts without reporting them. The gifts came from Dennis "Max" Lewis, a former VA executive who had mentored Helman before going into private business as a lobbyist with a company that secured millions of dollars in VA contracts. The gifts included a $11,000 family vacation to Disneyland, spa and resort visits, air fare, and concert tickets. Helman was sentenced to two years probation in 2016.

I had to take a fiscal law class before I was allowed to approve DTS authorizations way back in 2008.  If you don't know what DTS is, consider yourself lucky.  But the salient point is that even some guy just approving someone else's travel authorizations had to be taught that you DO NOT TAKE GIFTS.  YOU DO NOT ACCEPT BRIBES.  There are laws that cover what you can and cannot accept, and I couldn't even accept a cold beer from a hotel that I was doing business with.

So this criminal bitch allows Veterans to die while on a waiting list, covers it up, accepts 50K in bribes, and the government insists that she should be set free?

Destroy it all.  It's corrupt.  Rotten to the core.  Unsalvageable.  Blow it to hell and salt the earth it stood on.

It's health care is a joke.  It's administration is criminal.  It's internal processes are that of parasites looking to continue feeding from a host.  Kill it.  Kill it with fire.  

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