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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bill Whittle is a National Treasure

But we don't want him locked up in a museum, because, well, then he wouldn't make videos like this one.

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Deserttrek said...

I like Bill and agree with 99% but not with the goals and so called values of conservatism. conservatism as exposed by the conservative media is just right wing. I am told as an individual I don't need a my money by conservatives, I am told I can be stopped and searched for no reason, I once lived in an area you could not leave without a border patrol check point stop, I am told lots of things that do not agree with the Constitution. I see endless war in the middle east to prop up saudi arabia, a place of such evil as to defy description, I see no end in site for other places. enough already none of these jerks in government have ever placed America first
How about we all look at the values of the Constitution, and a life free of militarized cops, cameras, prying eyes, and a tax code that is shaped to push an agenda. Bring our people home, kick out the alien invaders, and restore the values that built the Republic,
Yes I am beyond pissed. President Trump is trying to fix things and ALL of the politicians are trying to stop him