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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A "Senior GOP Strategist"

Can kiss my ass.

“A senior GOP strategist, granted anonymity in order to speak candidly, lamented that in endorsing Hoffman, the contenders had delivered to the White House an early victory in their efforts to brand the Republican Party as dominated by its conservative wing.

“‘The Obama White House has made a lot of mistakes, but they’ve certainly gotten the Republican Party’s number,’ said the strategist.

“The rush to back Hoffman, this strategist said, is ‘proof that the Obama political strategy is working.’”

Dear Lord, is this joker serious? Is this brain-dead fuckwit SERIOUS? If the GOP is afraid to be called CONSERVATIVE then hang it up. Just hang it up and get it over with. Right now I wouldn't cry if the every "Senior GOP Strategist" suck-started a shotgun, because they've taken what used to be the most powerful political movement in the country and DESTROYED IT!

Crap like THIS is why the GOP is a dying party. Endorsing a candidate MORE LIBERAL THAN THE DEMOCRAT, in a solidly Republican district, shows just how brain-dead and empty the Stupid Party really is! For the love of Pete, if the GOP had run a moderately conservative candidate in that district this would be a non-issue! But Scozzafava is a liberal. A died in the wool liberal, more liberal than the Democrat in the race, and the GOP is actively pushing her as a viable Republican Candidate. Give me a break!

If you can't stand on your principals, then you're nothing more than a suit filled with hot air and bullshit. In short, you're nothing more than a Democrat. Which is what the Republian Stupid Party has turned into. Just another Democrat party. The party of "Me Too". The Party that can't even explain their principals. The party that cannot defend democracy, or the free market, or limited government. The party that just goes along like a fucking herd of sheep. The party that has handed their opponents victory after victory because they won't defend themselves. The party that has lost big in two consecutive elections, and will probably lose big in the next because they cannot and will not stand up for what their voting base actually believes in.

So fuck the GOP. Let the GOP die the death it deserves, unless it can wake the hell up and get back to what made it a strong, powerful movement to begin with:

How about: Individual liberty. Respect for the Constitution as it was written. Smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government. Strong national defense. Patriotism. Self reliance. The American Dream that you can build a good life, and your children will build a better one.

Not many words there - but most Americans will easily understand them, and if you asked them to choose between those notions, and the beliefs of the left, similarly condensed, I believe the vast majority would vote for the conservative vision.

What does the left stand for? What is its vision?

This: Collective cooperation. A “living” Constitution that changes to fit whatever the left wants to mean. Larger, more expensive, more intrusive government that always knows better than its citizens. Shame for your country. Reliance on the state. The notion that we consume too much, and that we much accept a future in which our children have a worse life than we do, for the good of all.

I ask you: How can that compete with our own ideals and vision?

As usual, read the whole thing. If the GOP doesn't want to be conservative, then kick them to the curb, and kick those stupid fucking retards HARD. There's already a liberal party in this country, we don't need two of them. Let the GOP pull an Arlen Specter and finally admit they're nothing but a bunch of liberal, nanny-statist, corrupt spineless douchbags. And let them die.

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