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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me? Paranoid?

Read this and tell me what you think.

As part of the next arms reduction treaty between superpowers, the United States has tentatively agreed to unprecedented Russian access to American nuclear missile sites. According to published accounts, Russian weapons inspectors will be given an open door to American nuclear sites in order to monitor the number of missiles and warheads. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is quite satisfied with the deal. Perhaps it is an error of omission, but there is no news of a similar concession from the Russian side. This is psychologically and strategically significant: first, because it presents us with a President and a Secretary of State who are mistaken in their assessment of Kremlin trustworthiness; second, because it shows weakness in the President; third, because the Russians are demonstrating a kind of superiority.

The leaders of the United States are unlike any previous leaders we’ve seen at the helm of a major power. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently made an extraordinary statement: “We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered.” And she means it. If a Russian foreign minister made a similar statement, one might expect to glimpse his colleagues suppressing giggles in the background. The America side makes such statements without the least cynicism, irony or humor. The U.S. Secretary of State is putting the concerns of her Russian colleagues first. She is not putting the concerns of the American people first. This is at the core of the process. The strategic interest of the United States holds no place in the President's policy. Some greater good – or alleged greater good – is being promoted. You may call this greater good by the name of "world peace."

It's crap like this that makes me stock up on ammunition for the coming civil war. Ladies and Gentlement, we now have political leadership who are unwilling to defend this country. Let that sink in for a while. We have the greatest military in the world. Our economy is what drives the global economy. We have unprecedented influence on every country in the world, and our political leadership WILL NOT DEFEND US ON THE WORLD STAGE. Our political leadership is giving our enemies the keys to our destruction. Our political leadership is putting the barrel of a shotgun into our mouths and putting our enemies fingers on the fucking trigger!

At some point, this self-destructive behavior will simply lead to one part of this country telling the other part to go fuck itself. And that's when the shooting starts. So yeah, I'm stockpiling ammo, because the elected leadership in this country can't even represent this country, and that shows a problem too big to be ignored.

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