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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

And damned accurate from Mr. Porretto, under "Sparking the Creativity Gap":
You have to whack 'em across the snout a few times -- a rolled-up magazine is adequate; a tire iron is declasse -- before they get the message, but if you refuse to do that, you're not working; you're just a butt boy for self-absorbed idiots who think meetings, schedules, cleverly formatted spreadsheets and animated PowerPoint presentations are the supreme achievements of Mankind, whereas actually making stuff is for the hoi polloi.
If that doesn't explain a good half of ANY military command, I don't know what does. Seriously - you've got half the command actually DOING things, and the other half wanting to hold a meeting.

I've had meetings to get ready for a meeting. I shit you not.

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