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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Stimlus is not off the table

Well, well, well, maybe Pelosi wasn't wrong after all.

President Barack Obama is considering all options to create jobs, including another stimulus package, while trying to pull the economy out of a deep recession and deal with a record deficit, White House advisers said Sunday.

With more than half of the $787 billion recovery package yet to be spent, Obama aides said the administration is not ready to commit to additional measures.

To me this translates to they are trying to figure out how to convince Congress and Senate that it is in their best interest to vote to triple the deficit, again during this term. There is no golden egg in this administration, except for the money that Obama wants to spend that all our our heirs are going to be paying for centuries!

I have a solution, deregulate, detax, de-run-away-spend. It does not take rocket science, but from the way this is going...

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