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Saturday, October 24, 2009


At first glance, I don't know what to make about this story:

A troubled young woman whom the Rev. Al Sharpton championed as a victim of a horrific, racially motivated sexual assault now says she fabricated the incident -- despite the fact that all of her alleged attackers pleaded guilty and are serving jail time.

Megan Williams, who is black, wasn't kidnapped and tortured in a West Virginia trailer at the hands of white attackers -- but lied because she wanted to get back at a boyfriend who'd beaten her, her lawyer, Byron Potts, said.

And then there's this:

All seven of the accused attackers pleaded guilty to variety of charges, and six received lengthy prison sentences. Williams, who is developmentally challenged, said she was pressured by her adopted mother to make the false allegation and the two had collected $70,000 in donations, including $1,000 from Sharpton.

To a "variety" of charges? So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they weren't a bunch of choirboys. Gah. The thought that ran through my head as I read this story is "Well, if this doesn't describe just how fucked up people can get, I don't know what does."

I need more coffee.

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