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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adding on to my Palin post from yesterday

Is Graumagus' post regarding the Republican Stupid Party.

Never will I again assume that the Republican party isn’t “flexible” enough to twist itself 180 degrees at the hips, thread itself through the legs, and fuck itself vigorously up the ass. Years and years of these “moderate” idiots working for “bipartisan” solutions after being pelted with shit by the howling primates on the left every time they could shart out a handful.


Obama may be flooring the accelerator towards socialism in this country, but you rancid cocksuckers filled the tank and tossed him the goddamn keys.


I have absolutely no hope that the Stupid Party learned it's lesson; that being you do not shit all over the people who's votes you need. Given what I've seen from the Stupid Party leadership, they'll continue to lose election after election, while this country hurtles to it's death. Or until someone takes the Stupid Party elite out back and puts them out of our misery.

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