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Sunday, March 01, 2009

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Congress's coal-fired power plant

Bill McKibben is also an activist and he is headed to Washington to take part in Monday's protest at the coal-fired power plant that supplies heat and A/C to the U.S. Capitol. Yesterday, in anticipation of the protest, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again called for its full conversion to natural gas. Meanwhile, NASA's top climate scientist, James Hansen, said he supported the act of civil disobedience, providing FOX News with a controversy to report. (Make sure you read the quote about God and global warming by the Republican congressman from California, Rohrabacher.) . . . Bill McKibben, on climate change, green recovery and civil disobedience to shake up Congress. Podcasts of the show are available on the WYPR web site.

Could someone--preferably Pelosi and Reid, who apparently think they know better than we do--explain to us stupid common little people how and why changing that plant from one fossil fuel to another is supposed to be a "green" improvement? If it burns natural gas, it still emits "greenhouse gases" in the form of CO2 and other emissions. Why not go instead with a small self-contained nuclear reactor, or better yet windmills or heat turbines feeding off the hot air emanating nearby?

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