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Thursday, March 05, 2009

And tell me why the drug company is being sued for this???

Suffering from a migraine headache, she went to a local clinic and was given painkillers and received an intramuscular injection of Phenergan. When she still felt nauseated, she was given an "IV-push" of the drug, with the second injection accidentally puncturing an artery. Gangrene set in. Several weeks later, her right arm was amputated.

In the majority opinion, Justice John Paul Stevens said Wyeth could "unilaterally strengthen its warning," especially after it learned of at least 20 cases before Levine's injury in which an injection led to gangrene and amputation.

1. If you get too many injections it weakens the veins and arteries.
2. It wasn't that the drug itself cause the issue, it was the act of the office staff.
3. Due to this suit, since she has been successful in all courts Phenergan, which is a very common and highly effective drug will either cost more or become unavailable.

I suffer from Migraines. I can feel her pain on this. When the Supreme courts notes the 20 other cases like this I want to ask 20 out of how many tens or hundreds of thousands. I want to know what doctors offices or clinics this is happening at. Is there a similarity about the patients that are making this happen? These are risks that we must accept when we get the medicine we do. It is not an exact science. That is why Doctors Practice Medicine.

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