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Sunday, March 01, 2009

You know the joke

The one that goes "Why don't conservatives ever get together and hold a protest? It's because conservatives have jobs."

I don't know how funny that joke is, but it's true. It's also true that conservatives, by and large, don't feel like going out and waving a sign all day. So historically the Right has never done the protests, the chants, etc etc etc.


Now I've heard some folks on the right sneering at the low turnout at various Tea Parties, and saying how this doesn't mean anything.

200 on a workday is low turnout? There was a group of us who wanted to hold one here, but we all had to work. Getting 200 people to take the day off and actually hold this thing is impressive! But what really torques me off is how dismissive I've seen people on the Right be about these "Tea Parties". Hey, assholes: Could you step down off of your high horse long enough to at least show a little support? You don't have to say much of anything, hell, at this point not STABBING FELLOW CONSERVATIVES IN THE BACK would be a good start.

Bah. And every shop I went to yesterday was out of 7.62X54R ammo. Not a single cartridge to be found. I'm getting ticked off. I'll be buying the corrosive stuff online before too long, if they're not out of THAT at

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