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Friday, January 09, 2009


One of the most liberal rags in the country is about to go under.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which first rolled off the presses in 1863 and has been the state's longest-publishing newspaper, is up for sale.

The newspaper's staff was called into a closed meeting today by Publisher Roger Oglesby. Present at the meeting was Hearst Newspaper President Steve Swartz, who told the newsroom that Hearst Corp. is starting a 60-day process to find a buyer.

If a buyer is not found, Swartz said, possible options include creating an all-digital operation with a greatly reduced staff, or closing its operations entirely.

In no case will Hearst continue to publish the P-I in printed form, Swartz said.

Regardless, he said, if no buyer is found, the P-I as a newspaper will not publish after the two months is up.

I know that there are people out there who say "But, if the newspapers go, it'll hurt the country!" To which I say, BULLSHIT. The Seattle P-I is one of the most biased pieces of crap I've ever had the misfortune to read. I got more information out of the Seattle Weekly when I lived in the Puget Sound area. "Oh, but we need to hear every voice!" say the fence-sitters. Again, I say BULLSHIT. The only reason to read the P-I was to find out what the enemy was planning. Period. And they do that online now, so what's the point of having to buy it in paper version?

The worthless biased media is one of the reasons this country is falling further and further into Socialism and ruin. It's the reason we have such an un-informed population. The "news"papers haven't put out NEWS in years. It's all editorials, from the front page to the Life & Entertainment section. It's not reporting, it's PROPAGANDA.

Well, you can only make so much money selling propaganda to one side of the political sphere. I hope the Seattle P-I dies a painful, horrible death, followed by the New York Times. This country would be much better off.

You know what? Let me revise my statement a little bit. The loss of an actual NEWSPAPER would be bad indeed. But the Seattle P-I isn't a newspaper any more. It's just another worthless propaganda outlet. Don't mourn it. It doesn't deserve your pity or your sympathy. It deserves to go tits-up, and disappear from the national scene. Fuck 'em and feed 'em fishheads.

This particular bit of happy news was found at Ace of Spades HQ.

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