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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Norwegian Battle Sammich

One of the military forums I frequent has a recipe called the Norwegian Battle Sammich. The Ragin' Mrs. cooked 'em up for dinner tonight.

Wow. Tasty, filling, who the hell cares if it's authentic or not, it's damned good! The wife used boneless porkchops for the filling, but we both think it would go better with ham.

So, since it was so damned good, I've decided to pass it on.

1 grilled chicken breast split down middle
(add/substitute turkey, ham, beef, lamb, venison, etc.)

1/2 packet bacon, grilled

4 eggs scrambled (omelette style)

2 slices Swiss Cheese

1 slice tomato

2 leaves Romain lettuce

A1/Heinz 57 (I think we could substitute a good mustard)

1 Kaiser Roll (or one of any good sammich rolls)

Have I mentioned just how spoiled I am? Yes, I am! I admit it! And I'm rubbing it in! HAAAAA!

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