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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mike Gravel(D) defends a terrorist with terrorism

A convicted terrorist no less... and Steve Emerson has the audio
...urged people to stalk a federal prosecutor and his family in order to get criminal contempt charges dropped against Sami Al-Arian...
"Find out where he lives. Find out where his office is. If you've got some chutzpah - which is a word that you don't hear often - if you've really got it, find out where he lives, find out where his kids go to school, find out where his office is; picket him all the time. Call him a racist in signs if you see him. Call him an injustice. Call him whatever you want to call him, but in his face all the time. They can't take the heat; deliver it to them. We have to stop laying down to these injustices."
...Al-Arian pled guilty in 2006 to conspiring to provide goods and services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). His 2005 trial ended with eight acquittals and a deadlocked jury on nine other counts, including racketeering conspiracy. He has argued that his plea agreement ruled out what he considers cooperation with any government investigations. But Kromberg has argued that a grand jury subpoena is not cooperation, but rather it is a compelled statement. When Al-Arian refused to testify despite a grant of immunity, he was subject to civil contempt orders that extended his incarceration for months.

Mike Gravel(D) is not just willing to defend a terrorist but is in fact threatening children of public servants tasked with bringing that terrorist to justice. A vomitous coward demonstrating exactly the tactics we've seen his party adopt repeatedly to veil the threat to innocents.

I hope Mike Gravel(D), gets exactly that which he wishes upon children. Better yet... grant him the fate he would allow Sami Al-Arian's fellow terrorists to visit upon children.

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