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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Too Much Government

I found this RCOB piece while checking C&S. Good god, if anyone ever needed proof that the government had grown to damn big, this is it. And as S.H. Long says:

"It's a civic responsibility for every U.S. citizen to read this so they can't later claim, "We had no idea the smoke was from those ovens."

Innocent people following the law getting tossed into prison due to some black-robed petty tyrant? Gosh, that couldn't happen in America, could it? IT HAS HAPPENED. IT IS HAPPENING. Out of control government agencies. Judicial activism at it's worst. And a man going to jail because he followed the laws and did what he was told to do by the county he lives in and the US Corps of Engineers. Tell me that it wouldn't be appropriate to bring out the tar and feathers and march on D.C. It's well PAST that point. The parasitic bastards should have been tarred and feathered years ago.

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