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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As Kevin Baker would say,

Do it again, only HARDER!

Now keep in mind, I’m only looking at weapons charges. The rap sheets of these scumbags total twenty six pages, and contains all manner of things that should have kept them off the streets for good. I think it’s time we had a serious discussion here in Pennsylvania about how absolutely and utterly broken the City of Philadelphia’s criminal justice system is, and talk frankly about things we can do to fix it. Gun control obviously is not a solution, since the system is currently not using the laws already in the books in prosecutions. The Philadelphia media must not continue to give the politicians a free pass on deflecting blame onto others, and shame on them that it takes bloggers to bring the criminals records of these scumbags into the public light. The citizens of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania deserve better, and they aren’t getting it from either their political leaders, or from the media.

I don't expect the city of Philadelphia to do a damn thing except more useless, empty gestures. Because that's all they did in the first place. There really are two Americas, and one of them is batshit crazy.

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