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Monday, May 12, 2008

Holy Moly

I have to admit, that with being in school at Ft. Jackson, not having much internet access (had to share four computers with over 100 students) and basically being busy as hell, I haven't had much time to check the news as of late. So when I sit down yesterday, plug in to the net and catch up on what I've missed, I'm a bit overwhelmed. But one thing sure sticks out -

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are so completely unfit to be President that it scares me. It scares me that they are the potential nominee for one half of the political side of this country.

What kind of special moron thinks there's 57 states in the Union? Hell, we can go over his "I'd meet with Iran! No, wait, no I wouldn't, and I never said that!" moment as well. The man is a hack, and idiot, and a liar. He espouses a political philosophy that has killed more people in the 20th century than any war the US has been involved in. And he's in the running to become our next president.

Hillary Clinton wants to punish "Big Oil" for making money. Obviously she's never taken a single economics class, nor has she looked at where the money from a gallon of gas goes. Not to mention that the ONLY reason she's even in politics is because she rode the coattails of her husband for years. And she's crazy as a shithouse rat.

The political platforms of both these people can only be described as "UnAmerican". Anti-gun? Yep. Anti-capitalism? Yep. Anti-free trade? Yep. More State control over everything? Yep.

And one of these people is going to be the nominee for half the country. As much as I hate John McCain, compared to Clinton and Obama he comes out looking like a saint. I swear, this country has a gun in it's hand, but the gun isn't pointed at anyone else. It's pressed firmly against our own head, and our finger is on the trigger. At this point, the only good thing I can say about the election is that when it rolls around, I should be back in the States where I might be able to actually DO something about the impending doom.

Blah. I have to head to work. I'll see you all later today.

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