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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Linky Love

A collection of links from the past few days that have made me sit up and go "Oh really?"

British Doctor on how to save money at the NHS: Don't treat the eldery or those with unhealthy lifestyles. In short, just let 'em die. Ah, the COMPASSION of government run health care!

Thanks to the Democrat American Communist Party, Al Jezeera had a front row seat to the State of the Union address! Yep, nothing shows your love for your country like allowing the number one terrorism news network into the US Capitol building and letting them sit right up front!

Kim du Toit links to an outstanding essay, "Over Our Dead Bodies". Well worth the read. And Mrs. du Toit deals with the topic of last week that caused such a furor in her comments.

Some half-baked nitwit wrote a news post bemoaning the state of men in their 20's in this country. Karol at Alarming News tells them off. And don't miss Rachel Lucas' takedown of an MSM writer who suggests ten things men shouldn't say to women. My take on it? American society has told it's young men for decades that they don't need to be men at all. At every turn, society at large sends the message that personal responsibility, courage, and dedication are not needed, and indeed should be discouraged. And now, the people responsible for sending that message are shocked, shocked that it has sunk in.

What to do? Hell, I don't know. I deal with folks one at a time.

The city of Berkeley, CA is passing legislation that would make it possible to ban military recruiters. Yes, I question their patriotism. I question it every day. They hate everything about America, while living in the comfort and protection that America provides them.


Oh, and in other news, McCain is still a liberal RINO, the Clintons are still some of the most putrescent pieces of filth I've ever seen, and I'm enjoying watching the Dem Cong go after each other with knives and brass knuckles.

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