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Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain said WHAT????

In regards to the housing crisis, which was brought up at the debate a while ago -

Ho. Lee. Shit.

SO I'M WATCHING MCCAIN TALK ABOUT THE SUBPRIME CRISIS, and how there may be some "greedy people on Wall Street who need to go to jail."

But I heard a typically sad-toned NPR story on subprimes tonight, and despite their best efforts to evoke the Joads it was a story of people who "used their houses like ATMs," taking out home equity loan after home equity loan when they started with a subprime mortgage, only to wind up owing far more than their houses were worth and unable to make the payments. Boo hoo. Shouldn't there be a price for being an idiot? And -- despite not being on Wall Street -- a greedy idiot? Why does McCain want to bail these people out? Why does he want to put Wall Street people in jail?

Followed by this:

This quote from Senator McCain, "greedy people on Wall Street who need to go to jail." oozes with irony and/or hypocrisy (I don't know which fits best).

Google "Charles Keating Five" and you'll see why. Maybe more people (an army, maybe?) should start asking questions about what happened in the eighties. If McCain is "swiftboated" on this issue he has little defense, in my opinion.

Greedy people on Wall Street who need to go to jail, John? In that one sentence, you've proven that you don't know JACK SHIT about economics. You've proven that you're just another pandering shithead politician. And you've proven that you don't deserve to come within FIFTY FUCKING MILES of the Oval Office.

Just read through that entire Instapundit post. There is no housing crisis. There are a bunch of people, none of whom work on Wall Street, who thought they could work the system and then they found out they couldn't. Now they're whining about it.

John McCain is the WORST Republican we could ever put up for national election.

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