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Monday, November 26, 2007

OK, so....

That woman who got herself neutered in order to stop global warming? Yeah, that story that's been floating around the net as of late. I haven't really posted on it, mainly because all I could do was just shake my head in disbelief that anyone could be that stupid. Besides, given the way the woman and her husband think, the main thought in my head was "One less Democrat American Communist Party voter! And the problem with this is?"

But Phil has a train of thought that just has to be repeated.

On that same line of thought, while they stand by and stare blankly at this woman, I get called a fascist or a racist or a classist or a sexist or a bastard (or most likely a combination of those) when I suggest that women who cannot afford to have kids shouldn’t, either through abortion or via birth control (another topic that sets off the Lifers) or whatever.

So they are, in effect, stating that it is OK to suggest killing a child/fetus/zygote to stop Global Warming, but to do so in order to stop the birth of another state dependent welfare recipient is an abomination.

Yep. But the Left is full of contradictions.

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