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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Must Read

Ladies and Gents, I have another must read for you, from someone who pens more than his fair share.

Your Curmudgeon will refrain from comment on the sexual mores. His own aren't quite as stringent as traditional Catholic teaching, which he regards as a case of ultra vires. What fascinates and appalls him is the complete abandonment of propriety and delicacy "Priscilla" narrates. Who are these creatures, that they dare to suggest in the middle of a first date that they expect to bed their companions at the end of it?
I've spoken about the horrors of modern feminism before, but I feel that I need to add my two cents in once more.

When you absolve a man from all responsibility, do not be surprised when that man dumps that responsibility at the first chance he gets. The moment that someone told modern women that they didn't need a man to raise a child, they told men to piss off. And men have been happy with that ever since. Free sex, no strings attached? Sign us up!

The problem exists when people who still believe that men and women both have integral parts to play in society try to intermingle with those who have been brainwashed into thinking that the two sexes can operate individually. I am constantly amazed at those who spread the theory of evolution constantly ignoring any lessons that evolution might provide. If one can believe that human kind evolved through selective breeding and survival of the fittest, then it stands to reason that male and female have evolved to fill separate roles in humankind's survival.

And for those who believe that God created men in his own image, then men and women both been made to fill their roles in God's world.

In either case, both male and females have their part to play. But that has been abandoned in modern times. Women aren't told that a father for their children is needed or necessary. Nope, they can have those kids all by themselves! Men have been relegated to nothing more than wallets with legs, for money to be yanked from when needed. We're sperm donors with cash, nothing more.

So why shouldn't a man expect sex on the first date? Modern Society has told him that there's no other reason for his existence. He is to provide sperm and money upon demand, and then leave. Well hell, if that's all I'm worth, then you'd better put out on the first date.

In today's modern society, I'm not surprised that "Priscilla" finds the kinds of cads she does, I'm surprised that "Priscilla" even exists any more! And to be quite honest, I wish there were more Priscilla's out there.

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