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Monday, March 12, 2007


Has Fred Thompson put his hat into the race yet? Because lemme tell ya, right now there's only one "candidate" I'd vote for at this moment - Duncan Hunter. I'd love to see Thompson jump on in. Anything to get away from the RINO's currently being touted as "candidates".

And I put the word "candidate" in quotation marks because WE'RE STILL OVER A YEAR AWAY FROM THE ELECTION! I swear, people are going overboard right now because of Hillary! and The Savior Obama-rama-lama-dama-ding-dong.

Chill, guys. Let Shrillary and Obama-banana-nana-ling-a-ling have their time in the sun. The more the Left speaks, the more ammo we get once the election season REALLY heats up.

Was that a couple of cheap shots at Obama's name? Maybe. But at this point, what else does he have? I mean really, what has he done? What makes him think he's able to be the Commander in Chief? Right now the only thing he's got is a clean slate and his name. Oh, and I heard a few Democrats gush "BUT HE'S SO ARTICULATE!"

Gosh, if being articulate is all that's needed to be President, why haven't they run Rush Limbaugh? I mean, that guy's articulate as all get out, but they're not gushing over HIM at all, are they? Nope, just Obama tha Slamma. Or whatever the hell his name is.

In other wildly important world-shaking news, my WSU Cougars are a #3 seed in the big dance. WOO HOO!

For those who don't know, any team relatively close to my hometown is considered "my team". Thus, for college sports, I root for WSU. For pro sports, I root mostly for the Seattle teams. For hockey, it's the Spokane Chiefs, baby! Someday I'll relate the tale of going to a Chiefs game with my brother, both of us a little tipsy, and sitting three seats back from the glass. All I have to say is this - I don't much like watching hockey on TV. But watching it live? Oh, man oh man, there's nothing else like it. NOTHING!

In other news, I just ran out of caffeine. Watch for the big lines of "hhhhhhhhhhhhhjhjhjhjhjjjjjjjj" followed by a small explosion as I fall asleep with my face on the keyboard, until my drool short-circuit's everything out.

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