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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Check out this YouTube post comments section. 451 comments so far. (I'm n336ap.) Lots of liberal moonbats but lots of informed conservatives, too. Join the fun. The video posted is a trailer for "Path to 9/11" which includes a bit of those deleted scenes. (See also here. One full hour of the 5-hour miniseries has been cut since Clinton's lawyers started threatening Disney's CEO.) And as usual, instead of responding to critisizm (unless you think calling someone a "liar" counts as a response), the DNC threatens and sues. Now the libtards are declaring all-out war on ABC. "Free speech for me, but none for thee," should be the DNC motto, but it is entertaining watching them twist and squirm, accusing the other side of fascism even as they are in the act of silencing their critics through intimidation and (il)legal force.

The delete scenes beg the question, "What was in Sandy Berger's pants?" Sandy Berger admitted to stealing five "code-word" classified (more secret than top-secret) security documents from the National Archives. He admitted to destroying three of the five documents. He admitted that he lied to federal investigators by telling them initially that he merely removed the documents “by accident.” Was he punished? Hell no! But that's not the point. Could it be that the Clinton gang is bullying ABC because its miniseries comes too close to the truth? Could it be that the deleted scene where special ops has bin Laden in their gun-sights but abort when Berger and Clinton refuse to authorize execution, despite approving the mission, is true in substance?

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