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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So, didja catch Bush's Speech?

I think it was a speech that should have been given quite some time ago. But what I saw most was this: Bush, recognizing that there's no action he could do that would make people happy right now, tossed this ball into Congress' court. And it's not a nice round bouncy ball either. It's a hard, sharp, covered-in-poison-tipped-spikes kind of ball, and now the people who have been wailing and crying the loudest can put up or shut up.

"Fine, you say you want to fight terrorism? YOU tell me what the CIA can't do to terrorists. You want to give terrorists Geneva Convention rights? Fine. Put your name on a 'Yes' vote and we'll make sure the voters know about it come November."

It's not the total and complete bitchslapping that I would love to see, but it was definately a tossing of the gauntlet. Let's see how congress responds.

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