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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free Speech on Campus?

I don't think so.

DAILY ILLINI editor Acton Gorton has been fired. His offense? Publishing the Muhammad cartoons.

Something tells me that if he published a few cartoons showing Jesus Christ as an adulterous pedophile, he'd have been lauded as a magnificent talent by the oh-so-tolerant left. But do something that goes against Leftist ideals, and you're expunged from the rolls.

As colleges have become bastions of Leftist thought, actual thought has been restricted. Free speech isn't, if you're on a college campus. The trials of former Harvard President Larry Summers should prove that going against the Leftist groupthink will get you canned. Step on inch out of the allowed groupthink, and you're toast.

Remember, the next time some Leftard tries to tell you that the "progressives" want free speech, laugh in their face. Actions speak louder than words.

Found via Instapundit.

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