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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The day in contrast

A Study in Frozen Irrelevance

Today, published a bunch of "devastating scenes" from Abu Ghraib. They cite cBS News leadership to explain why this was such a very important thing to do, but neglect to mention that cBS has just suffered a two year, $27 billion viewer tune-out and corporate banishment from their parent company. Lefties will never comprehend the blowback from constant investment in failure.

Meanwhile ...

Street Party !!!

Greenspan Not Invited

Today, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor's 500 Index marked their highest point in 5 years. Analysts credited the rally to the Federal Reserve's abandonment of the former demented chairman's economy arresting policies.

I celebrated by purchasing a few shares of General Electric Co. Interestingly, GE was among the 1st few companies chosen to represent American industry in the DJIA, and the only one with the distinction of remaining there to this day. Let's hope they are still keeping the gears greased.

((Tip: DJIA = 14,000 by November, 2008. You heard it here first.))

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