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Saturday, October 02, 2004


OK, so for those who've been away from the news today, Mount St. Helens let off some steam. Literally. Steam and ash up to about 16,000 feet in the air, with some flights from Portland canceled and many more diverted. It was a half-hour eruption, with more predicted to come. However, it was nothing like 1980, and there aren't any more eruptions that powerful predicted at all. It helps that there isn't a mountaintop sitting on top of the volcano anymore. 1980 kinda took care of that.

Also, Ichiro has broken George Sisler's eighty-four year old record of 257 hits in a single season. The Mariner's star got his 258th hit earlier tonight (Friday).

And yet the Mariners are still in last place in the AL West. Somehow I think Ichiro would be happier if the Mariners were in first and he didn't have the record. But, with this season in the shitter, it was nice to have a reason to watch my M's.

I'm probably heading to the range tomorrow morning (or this morning, depending on when you're reading this) so I'll be back Sunday evening or Monday.


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