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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How's the Site Look?

Not much going on right now on the commentary side of things. Been as busy as all get out over the past two weeks and in reality i am just about posted out. So the best I can offer are two things:

That's a Cooper's Hawk on the right there. Caught it first on my deck and then in a tree next to my deck last week at about 1100 hours. Picture's not great; he was outside and I was in - so that was shot through a screen door. Neat, nonetheless.

Secondly, I have been looking at the site and would like to change it maybe a bit. As I said I have little commentary in me right now but i'd like to add something during my pundicratic hiatus.

Got any suggestions? How ya like the colors? The fonts? The layout? Does the title need changin'? Dave sent me a graphic back a couple weeks, now I recall. Need to look at that again. Is the site easy to read? Difficult?

Talk to me.

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