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Monday, September 27, 2004

Lovely Linkies

Lee over at Right Thinking from the Left Coast wonders aloud why we have to understand them while they make little effort to understand us. It's a good question.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports the suggestion that waiting in line at airport security checkpoints makes one a compelling target. I catch the drift, for sure.

Speaking of "getting to know them":

James M. Ault Jr. is a self-described '60s radical who embraced the anti-war movement, feminism and other left-leaning enthusiasms of the day. He has also taught sociology at Harvard University and Smith College and produced an award-winning documentary called Born Again: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, broadcast on PBS and abroad.
He goes in prepared to be critical of the believers, but comes out with a different feeling. Interesting.

See? Sometimes people can reach out to each other if they would only try. Why, i'd wager that if Raging Dave and Analog Kid were to just dab a little patchouli from time to time, they'd be volunteering to aide for Senator Cantwell post haste.

LASTLY ==>, it has been one month since Steven den Beste announced his sabbatical from the USS Clueless. Suggestion: read his farewell (if you have not already), and consider clicking the Contact link and sending him a quick note. I suspect most of what was directed his way after his announcement he wound up trashing, as the incessant influx of emails into his inbox were one of the things that drove him mad, or nearly mad. I'm going to drop him a quick one that will read something simple and sincere, like: "SDB: I hope this note finds you well. One of your readers, Tim."

Anyway, if you read and appreciated den Beste the way I did, it is hereby suggested that you just say hello. Ignore it as you see fit.


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