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Friday, August 06, 2004

Stryker Vehicles

I wasn't too keen on the Stryker vehicles the Army is forwarding now, but after reading this soldier's account, I may have to change my mind.

Today I walked around the motor pool and tried to figure out how many Strykers got hit by RPG's, from what I gathered from the motor pool and from talking to everybody I knew that was there, it looks like over 50% of all the vehicles that drove down that main street, took at least 1 RPG. Most took more than one. And almost all of them are totally serviceable.We have 4 vehicles in my PLT, 4 Squads per Plt. Each Sqd rides on each vehicle. 2 out of the 4 vehicles in my Plt got hit by RPG's. Both vehicles in my Plt took 3 RPG's each. One of the vehicles in my Plt that took an RPG, had its engine catch on fire from the Impact, the SAW gunner from 3rd Squad, grabbed a fire extinguisher, stuck his body out of the hatch and extinguished the fire, under fire. My driver counted 4 RPG's flying past our vehicle. A Stryker in another Plt took 7 RPG's that day, which blew out all 8 rubber tires, and it was still able to Continue Mission with no tires and drive on, out of the kill zone. Do you think a Gavin 113 could do that? Speed the hell out of a Kill zone with no tracks?

This soldier also has something to say about the "objective" media coverage in Iraq.

What angered me the most the other day was how inaccurate and very little press coverage the attack recieved. They all got it completely wrong. CNN, Al Jazzera, BBC, all of them. Cnn only reported 12 dead??? I told my friend from another Plt that and he said, "Shit! We killed 12 people in the first three minutes." I still wonder why, what happened the other day, over 100 crazed out Al Qaeda jihadist wearing all black and high off the Koran, attacking US Forces with everything they had received very little to no press in all the major news outlets???? It seems to me something like that should be major news. And you also have to wonder how many times something like this happens here in Iraq, where all hell will break loose, and there will be very little to no talk of it whatsoever. They only devoted two fucking paragraphs to that story that happened the other day, I had to fuckin search all over Cnn's site site to find that little bit about what happened, and it totally made it sound like nothing major happened here??? That is complete bullshit. Makes you kinda wonder.

The troops know what the deal is, it's the leftist fifth-column media that's trying to keep it suppressed. SSDD.

Found via The Baron.

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