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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Linky Love

Just some links I found around the web that I wanted to share.

First - WHAT. THE. HELL?

Texas cops thought they'd made a major drug bust when they raided a home northwest of Houston last Tuesday. After all, it looked like there were huge marijuana plants growing in the front yard.

"All of a sudden, they burst in with their guns loaded, pointing at me, screaming, 'Get on the floor! Get on the floor!'" northwest Harris County resident Blair Davis told KHOU-TV.

It turns out the tall plants with the narrow leaves arranged in a fan pattern weren't pot plants at all, but specimens of Texas Star hibiscus, which Davis grows for his landscaping business.

How in the name of all that is holy can a LAW ENFORCEMENT DRUG TASK FORCE mistake a LANDSCAPING PLANT with MARIJUANA?!?!?!?! The two are barely similar looking! What kind of fucked-up crap are they doing down in Texas, folks? If this is the sort of work that is normal for the Houston police, I think they should all either be fired or sent to remedial class! And the chief should have his balls cut off for allowing such an ignorant group of morons to be cops!

Don't believe me? Here's a webpage on the Texas Star Hibiscus. It has pictures. Take a good look. Does that look like dope to you?

If someone tried to tell me that was marijuana, I'd laugh at them. In my basic drug and alcohol detention class we learned what crap looked like. Has the city of Houston neglected to send their officers to this very basic 40 hour course? I guess they have. Grrrrrrrrrr... thanks for giving cops yet ANOTHER bad name, you stupid fuckweasels!

In other news, it looks like the feds are revamping their food pyramid in order to make us all healthier.

Oh joy.

How's this for an idea: STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES! The only thing you should put out is this very simple fact - if you eat more calories than you use up in a day, YOU'LL GET FAT! The government shouldn't be telling me what to eat! The government shouldn't be telling anyone what their "optimum" weight is! I haven't been at my optimum weight since 1997, and yet I'm not fat! My body fat percentage hovers between 15% and 18%. (The Army's maximum allowance for my age and highth is 24%, just to give you a point of reference.) On the goverment's body mass index, MICHAEL JORDAN WOULD BE OVERWEIGHT!

Fuck the government, and fuck the idiotic shit-licking beurocratic parasites who make this crap up to justify sucking their paycheck from the public coffers! Grrrr!

One last thing - In reference to the state of Missouri passing a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage: This guy gets it.

The supporters of gay marriage had to push., and now they are getting pushed back. There was no reason for the Mayor of San Francisco to suddenly decide that the State law banning gay marriage was illegal and being issuing licenses. There was no reason for the County Commissioners in Multnomah and Benton Counties in Oregon to do the same. It was a push. It was the embodiment of that silly protest chant. "What do we want? (fill in the blanks) When do we want it? Now! Evidently the chanting broke something in the reasoning department of the gay marriage supporters thinking.

Rather than seeking to persuade, they sought to impose. Rather than having it now, they have delayed the day when they achieve it.
(emphasis mine)


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