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Monday, July 26, 2004

Unexpected Jabs At President Bush On TV

I've made posts of this kind before. They basically serve as a record of the influence that the Left has throughout all major media. I've just been watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I've seen Republicans and President Bush jabbed there at least two other times. On a show called Mission Hill, the main character (while getting drunk) is confronted by an outspoken yet.......we'll say "zany" Republican at a party. While subtle, it is hardly a positive association or reflection on the party. At least we weren't....well.....allow me to continue. Peter Griffin on the show Family Guy went off on a "don't give up" rant citing several of the left's attacks against "George W. Bush" (that coupled with an episode that saw the family visit D.C. and meet a group of politicians that included The President and Algore leads me to guess that the season was produced a short time before the 2000 election), and I think I remember another epsidode with a snipe at Reagan the "actor" President. But tonight, as I watched Harvey Birdman, The Jetsons traveled back in time to sue the past for the (unmentioned cause *cough*global warming*cough*) flood that destroyed the future. Birdman rides with another character to work among cars puffing out black smoke as they ride past power plants doing the same and nuclear plants oozing green goo. Birdman asks how one person can have such an effect on the environment just as the Presidential limo passes and President Bush is seen riding in the back (window down). Why? What makes them do this? They obviously believe this shit, but what makes them shove it in our faces? You can't watch a cartoon show without hearing the beat of the donk drum.

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