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Friday, July 09, 2004

Light posting day

Today is yet another day where I'm running the moment I get out of bed, so don't expect too much from me. Between meetings, appointments, errands, and dealing with the girlfriend I won't be seeing much of this ol' computer.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing saga of "Mike Ross is a dipshit", he's sent out multiple emails claiming that it wasn't him that was trolling around. Boo freaking hoo, Mike. You've been such an asshole on so many sites that until you give me definitive proof, you're the only asswipe who fits the bill. Deal with it. If you can't handle your past coming up and biting you in the ass, maybe you should look at your past and make a few changes in your currant behavior. Now shut the fuck up and go away.

However, it's always nice when I get people forwarding emails with you admitting that you use proxy IPs and enjoy spamming people. And in that very same email, we have a few links that might be of interest to various people. Let's see, we have the Troll Lounge, where trolls like to brag about where they've been. Attached to the Troll Lounge is this site, Drunken Monkey Blogging, which has a blogroll that the trolls use. Included in all of this is instructions on how to troll, how to use Proxy IP's, and a list of IPs that you can use in order to spam other sites.

Just how fucking worthless are these people? I mean, their big thrill in life comes from annoying people from behind a computer screen. I can't think of anything more chickenshit and cowardly. People like Mike, or "Robert McClellan" are nothing more that slimy little fuckstains on the bedsheets of humanity, and here I see that they actually enjoy it! "Yay, look at me, I'm such a fucking worm that if people ever actually met me in real life, I'd get the living shit pounded out of me! I have enemies in four different time zones! Yay, I'm fucking worthless! Ain't it great!"

I got two words: Mentally deficient. In any case, if they're dumb enough to put this info in an email, I'm going to use it. So I'll be sitting down tonight and firing off a few letters to quite a few people.

As for mikelx and Bobby McFuckstain, just ignore them. The moment I see their comments, I'm either going to alter it, or delete it. Whatever you do don't respond, because I don't want to get the mental picture of these pimply-faced dipwads, sitting in their tighty-whities in their parent's basement with the kleenex and a jar of vasaline, giggling while they type one handed.

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