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Saturday, November 15, 2003


It seems that there has been someone using my name! Yep, some twitterpated nutjob thought it would be great fun to use my name and my info to go trolling some blogs.

From the comment he left over at Armed Liberal, his IP number is, and well, mine is not. If you've come here all upset over a comment left on your blog, please check the IP before you start typing in the comments. If you happen to get any more information on the troll, please drop me a line. And if you're not sure just who is leaving trails of crap all over your comments, let me know. I've been known to use a bit of vitrol in my writing, but trolling is something I won't sink to.

If I start an arguement, I'll stick around to argue.

UPDATE: Well, I've been updated by this kind gentleman, who informed me that the troll left the IP of on his site. He says it's an AOL server. Veeeeeeery Iiiiiiiiinteresting. I wonder if AOL appreciates someone using their software to defame a person?

UPDATE 2: It seems the troll hit this woman's page, using the IP of, which makes me wonder if it's more than one troll.

UPDATE 3: Ross informed me that the troll had hit his website, using the IP of The first two IP's (Armed Liberal's and Franks) are damn near identical, as are the last two (Ross' and Ms. Hayden's). Keep the IP's coming, folks. I want a LIST!

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