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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Parity sucks

I stopped watching the NFL about four or five years ago because, frankly, it just got too damn boring for me. Drew Sharp has an excellent column today about the NFL's version of Socialism -- otherwise known as "parity".

Drew Sharp: "Parity is Short for Boredom"

...When Buffalo and Dallas combined for three points in the second half of their game Sunday, that was bad football. A combined 11 turnovers by Baltimore and St. Louis was bad football. The Lions and Chicago Bears on the same field was bad football.

And since when is bad football good for fans?

It is when the NFL suits on Park Avenue tell them it is.

The NFL needs to soften the salary cap, providing two or three exemptions to improve depth on team rosters, which the current cap and inevitable injuries decimate. Equity creates a false sense of achievement, but the league doesn't care. It's perfectly content with perfectly sculpted, easily interchangeable athletes instead of colorful, instinctive football players who don't necessarily fit a mold, like 41-year-old survivor Doug Flutie...

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