Day by Day

Friday, November 14, 2003


Imagine, if you will, our fearless hero (Me, of course) working to fix the fan in his bathroom. This should be simple. I've done vent work before, and this is just a simple replacement of the fan. Anyone who's done home repair may now laugh: there's no such thing as "simple" when you're fixing your house.

So I crawl up into the attic and shine the flashlight around. The fan is situated at the very end of the attic, where the roof slopes down. Not much space. No problem, I think to myself. I push my toolbox forward, plant my boot against a rafter, and push myself forward.

Imagine, if you will, our hero's surprise as his boot slips off the rafter. Imagine again our hero's surprise as his now unsupported foot plunges through the drywall that serves as a ceiling. And imagine once more how surprised our hero was as most of his leg appears in the hallway below, followed closely by several cubic feet of flame-retardant vermiculite, while his unmentionables slam against the rafter he was positioned above.

The fan works, I'm proud to say. Now, to fix the god-damned ceiling. Should be a simple job..........

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