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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Limbaugh & McNabb

First of all: a pox on Limbaugh for resigning after telling the rest of us to stand up to the Leftist Speech Bullies for the past ten years.

Now, the nitty gritty:

What I find to be most irritating about this is this: in the lexicon of the Left, Limbaugh complimented the media; he said something nice about them. He said they support blacks. He said they want black quarterbacks to succeed, because they are black. For this Rush is labeled "racist".

But is what he said indicative of racism? Was he furthering racism? Or was he, in effect, furthering Affirmative Action?

Since the author believes there is a corollary between it and what Limbaugh said, let us briefly examine Affirmative Action. If I understand it in summary, Affirmative Action is about taking heartfelt action to help blacks succeed. Its chief tenet is that one is less likely to be prejudices once one meets people unlike one's self. A lot of people now accept this as factual or find themselves forced to accept it.

To wit:

Toyota kowtowed to Rainbow PUSH and agreed to find more blacks for senior management. Would it be correct to say that Toyota hires blacks for social reasons? I think it is safe to conclude so, BECAUSE TOYOTA TRUMPETS THE FACT THAT THEY DO IT.

The University of Michigan gives points to minorities when evaluating student application. Would it be correct to say that the University of Michigan admits blacks for social reasons? I think it is safe to conclude so, BECAUSE UM TRUMPETS THE FACT THAT THEY DO IT.

The NFL readily admits that they are committed to do the same. The NFL admist that they have an Affirmative Action program, a process by which blacks are given support so that they can succeed.

So why are Liberals frothing over the Limbaugh-voiced notion that the sports media want a black quarterback to succeed? Isn't it good for everyone if more black quarterbacks succeed? Forget not: we're talking about an NFL that this year fined the Detroit Lions for not interviewing a black candidate for their head coach opening.

Read that again: The NFL fined the Detroit Lions for not interviewing a black candidate for their head coach opening.

But whether Rush was factually correct doesn't really matter, of course, and therein lies the rub. Earlier this year, Dusty Baker said blacks play better than whites in hot weather. Isaiah Thomas once said that Larry Bird was idolized because he's white (read Reggie White omnioffensive comments there, too).

Here's Richard William, Venus' and Serena's father:
"The white people at Indian Wells, said what they've been wanting to say to us all along: 'Nigger, stay away from here, we don't want you here,"' said Williams." It's the worst act of prejudice I've seen since they killed Martin Luther King."

Click here for that story.

Harry Belafonte called the Secretary of State a house slave, for Chrissakes. Clarence Thomas is routinely called a "Tom".

Seemingly, it's okay to make sweeping and general remarks about folks based simply upon skin color.


But not now.

And certainly not Rush.

I find it to be instructive that whether the statement was accurate or not seems immaterial to those who have excoriated Limbaugh. As for us, let's examine:

Was Rush right? Are there elements in media who openly or privately wish black quarterbacks to be successful?

Click and find out: Google Search for "black NFL quarterbacks barrier ".


Rush was right.

People are rooting for black quarterbacks.

But it was Rush who said it, and lots of people hate him, so it doesn't matter whether he is right or not, because he's white and Conservative. He stepped willingly into the breech, and the same people who called the Dixie Chicks boycott and Garofalo cancellation "unpatriotic" have slammed the breech closed on Limbaugh's head.

I guess the next question is: Why aren't we used to this?

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