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Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Courtesy of the Anti-Idiotarian Rott, we find out that some of the turbaned twits had a rude awakening while they were supporting the Mass-Murdering Mustachioed Moron of Mesopotamia.

Some choice quotes....

However, one of the many news features highlighted a Palestinian jihad warrior who went to Iraq for the sake of Allah only to discover, to his shock, the Iraqi people rejected him and were intent on getting rid of Saddam Hussein.
A Lebanese volunteer who returned from Iraq said Iraqi officials isolated the volunteers and the Iraqis themselves "hunted them whenever they could, reported the Arabic newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat of London.
One volunteer from Lebanon said he was exposed "to more Iraqi friendly fire than American fire."

"The Iraqi people refused to accept the volunteers among them and betrayed them by leaving them exposed," he said.
"Exhausted, tense and with almost no food or drink for several days, I reached a house where I thought I could finally find shelter," he said. After an Iraqi man opened the door, Abu Khaled announced proudly his identity as an Arab jihad fighter. "The man slapped the door in my face and said, 'Go away we do not want you in our country,'" he said.
"To his astonishment," the paper said, "he was later told that the Iraqis wanted to get rid of the dictatorship and oppression of Saddam Hussein at any cost." In this context, said the paper, "the Arab volunteers were regarded by them as supporters of the regime, who are cashing dollars, only to prolong the Iraqi suffering."

BWAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ow, my ribs....... I love it when the stupid and ignorant get a dose of reality. Welcome to the real world, you idiots!

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