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Monday, July 28, 2003

The New York Times: At It Again

The Times sez: "The SEC said most of the money would go to victims of Enron's collapse amid allegations of massive accounting irregularities -- the first in a string of scandals that have tainted corporate America since 2001."

Since 2001?

Enron Fraud started in 1998, of course:

ALL OF THE FRAUD DISCOVERED DURING THIS BUSH ADMINISTRATION BEGAN DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. All of it. Of course, the Times would be loathe to concede that much of Clinton's "Eight Years of Prosperity" was steeped in fraud and deceit.

Clinton, Fraud, and Deceit.

Go figure.

Here's the Times piece: Banks Settle With S.E.C. for Roles in Enron's Fraud

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