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Monday, July 28, 2003

Be careful what you wish for....

"The people of Puerto Rico are facing some unanticipated consequences from a victory they won in 2001.

"For several years, Puerto Rican protesters demanded that the U.S. Navy leave the island of Vieques (search). Groups staged violent protests outside the main gate of 'Camp Garcia,' saying they were sick and tired of the live-fire bombing exercises.

"The violence resulted in the gates of the base being torn down. Several U.S. troops and police dogs were injured in the demonstrations.

"In response to the years of protest, former President Clinton agreed to stop Navy exercises there. Congress and President Bush ratified the deal and live-fire exercises were halted last May. But with its mission muzzled after 60 years, the Navy has decided to pull out of Puerto Rico completely.
That means the largest employer on the island, the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, is now slated for closure that could come as early as October."

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